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Hem Group has always believed in addition of new products as an when introduced in the Market. It has started providing Currency derivative trading platform to all its clients right from day one, when it first started by NSE on 29Th August 2008.

Hem Group through its group companies has taken membership of all the three prominent Currency derivative exchanges in India which are introduced by


The main feature of trading in Currency Derivatives are as follows :

1) Market timings: 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. Monday to Friday

2) Trading : US$-INR (initially) Bid/Offer will be 4 decimal point e.g. Rs. 43.2345

3) Market Lot : 1000 USD

4) Tick size : Rs.0.0025

5) Contract Cycle : 12 - month trading cycle.

6) Base Price : Calculated on the basis of last half-hour weighted average price

6) Price Operating Range : +/- 3% of base price -- Tenure upto 6 months +/- 5% of base price -- Tenure greater than 6 months

7) Minimum Initial Margin : Approx. margin will be around 3%.

8) Last Trading day : Two working days prior to the last business day of the expiry month.

9) Final Settlement Price : Final Settlement Price for a future contract shall be the RBI Reference Rate on the last trading day of such future contract. The expiry day will be announced by the Exchange at the opening of every new contract.

10) Expiry date : The monthly expiry date will be 2 working days before last working days of month . There will be 12 months contract available for trading. The contract will expire at 12 noon on expiry day.

11) Daily Pay-in/Pay-out settlement : T+1 day

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